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Integrating Jira and GitHub to Slack allows your engineering teams to merge pull requests faster, sync issues, comments and status updates so that no communication is lost.

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ThreadSync links each GitHub issue and JIRA card to Slack threads.

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Add app to Slack workspace

Add to channel

Invite @threadsync bot to a channel


Setup & track

Use the commands:
/sync github my-org/my-repo
/sync jira

Accelerate developer
teams with ThreadSync


Slack + JIRA Integration

  • Synchronise comments between Slack thread and issue in JIRA
  • Status updates on the JIRA issue
    reflected on Slack
  • Comments in JIRA appear as replies to
    Slack threads
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Slack + GitHub Integration

  • Notify Slack channel when a pull request is open
  • Update the pull request thread in Slack
  • Synchronise comments between Slack thread and pull request in GitHub
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A communication
solution for dev teams

Developer teams use a really wide variety of tools to
build software. GitHub, JIRA, Slack and that’s only
the beginning. These tools allow communication in
their own platforms and you can keep updating
teammates as things go along.

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ThreadSync has streamlined communication between developers, especially during the code review process.

Roger Madjos

Software Architect


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